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Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

Are you moving from one state to another? My name is Laura, and I am a real estate expert. I work in multiple states and find that many of my clients don't know that each state has different laws about moving. For example, some states require you to get a new drivers license and car registration immediately while others give you a significant grace period. Some states require you to pay a fee for property you register while others do not. I will provide a checklist of things you need to consider before moving from one state to another. I hope you will learn a lot that can make your move easier.


Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

    Three Types Of Storage Companies And How They May Work For You

    Storage is pretty much a normal part of adult life. You acquire stuff, and eventually you have too much stuff and it has to go somewhere. Storage companies count on consumer need to keep and "horde" their stuff, but what you may not know is that there are now three types of storage you can choose from. Traditional Self-Storage This is the self-storage you probably imagine when storage companies are mentioned.

    3 Common Moving Mistakes To Avoid

    Moving is an exciting experience for any family that can open a world of possibilities. However, you need to be prepared for a few pitfalls of moving to keep your move stress-free. Here are three moving mistakes that every homeowner should be aware of. Forgetting to Plan for Bad Weather Many people plan their move months in advance, long before there are any weather forecasts for the day of the move.

    Storing Framed Photos: A Guide To Help Prevent Damage

    Photos in glass frames can be a tricky thing to store. Not only do you have to worry about the glass breaking, but you also need to keep the photos from discoloring or becoming damaged by moisture. The best option is usually to keep the photos with you rather than store them in a storage unit. However, if you really have to put those glass-framed photos in storage, here are some tips to help protect them.

    Moving Fast: When You Need To Get Out Of Your Home Quickly

    Few things are more stressful than having to move. Add on the fact that you have to move out of your home as fast as possible, and you may find yourself completely overwhelmed. Whether you have to leave due to an eviction or you are fleeing an abuser, knowing what help is out there for you is important. If you are not able to pack your own belongings and you need to simply take off, a local moving company may be your answer.

    Renting A Self-Storage Unit For A Month Can Be A Great Help

    Self-storage can be a big help when you are moving from your current house and the new one is not quite ready for your belongings. However, there are other times in life when it would be ideal to have the extra space to put things. Here are just a few times you might want to consider renting a storage unit for a month or two. Christmas If you have children who snoop about the house starting at Thanksgiving, looking for their Christmas gifts, you need to find a safe place to store everything.

    Packing And Moving Into A Storage Unit

    When you are putting your belongings into a storage unit, you should do so with the mindset that you may need to gain access to some of your items before you take everything back out of the unit. This means it is important for you to pack the boxes in an organized manner and put everything in the unit in a specific way that allows for easy access to whatever you may need.

    Three Helpful Hints To Make Your Local Move Go Smoothly

    Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Planning ahead for your move will help you to make a smooth transition, and there are a few things you can do to ensure you have a great moving experience. Here are a few things you can do to create a seamless moving experience. Move Your TV And Computer First While your local moving service can move all of your items for you, it may be a good idea to move at least one small TV and a laptop computer to your new home while the moving company is loading the truck with your other items.

    Three Steps To Minimizing Waste While Packing For A Move

    As an environmentally conscious mover, you know recycling things is better than throwing them out with the trash. But when you're planning a move, it can be overwhelming trying to plan environmental responsibility into the logistics. Once you've scheduled a move with an environmentally conscious moving company and the packing begins, it's time to think about doing your part to reduce the waste your packing may produce. Here are three pieces of advice to keep in mind while you're planning the packing and moving sequence.