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Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

Are you moving from one state to another? My name is Laura, and I am a real estate expert. I work in multiple states and find that many of my clients don't know that each state has different laws about moving. For example, some states require you to get a new drivers license and car registration immediately while others give you a significant grace period. Some states require you to pay a fee for property you register while others do not. I will provide a checklist of things you need to consider before moving from one state to another. I hope you will learn a lot that can make your move easier.


Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

Learning The Lingo Of A Move

by Lester Herrera

Many people relocate for love, jobs, or just a change of scenery. If you are planning to rely on a professional moving service to help make your upcoming move a little less stressful, it's important that you are able to communicate with your mover in terms that you both understand.

The moving industry uses a lot of terms that you may be unfamiliar with, so taking the time to learn the lingo prior to your move will help you better communicate with your moving team. Here are three important terms you should be familiar with before your next move.

1. Dunnage

When you are packing up your belongings, you will want to ensure that they are protected during transit as you move from one location to another. Protective materials like furniture blankets, padding, and filler materials can be purchased from your moving company.

These items are referred to as dunnage in the moving industry, so be sure to ask about dunnage prices if you are planning to rely on your movers for protective materials during an upcoming move.

2. Binding Estimate

Most people know that they should call around for the cheapest estimate when it comes to partnering with a professional mover, but few people know that there are different kinds of estimates available. When planning your upcoming move, you want to ensure that you are getting binding estimates from the moving companies you contact.

A binding estimate ensures that, if the total weight of your belongings exceeds the weight used in creating the estimate, you will not pay more than the originally quoted price. Binding estimates can help you more accurately budget your money when it comes to paying for a move.

3. High-Value Article Inventory

Many moving companies provide basic insurance to cover the cost of goods damaged during transit. While this basic insurance may be adequate for everyday items, if you have any high-value belongings then you will need additional coverage.

Asking your moving company for a high-value article inventory form can be beneficial when it comes to calculating your moving insurance needs. Each item of significant value can be itemized on the form, allowing the moving company to determine what additional insurance coverage needs to be applied to your load during transit.

When you understand the language used within the moving industry, you are better able to communicate with your moving company to ensure your goods and packed and shipped properly during your next move. Visit websites like http://www.wheatonworldwide.com for more info.