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Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

Are you moving from one state to another? My name is Laura, and I am a real estate expert. I work in multiple states and find that many of my clients don't know that each state has different laws about moving. For example, some states require you to get a new drivers license and car registration immediately while others give you a significant grace period. Some states require you to pay a fee for property you register while others do not. I will provide a checklist of things you need to consider before moving from one state to another. I hope you will learn a lot that can make your move easier.


Your Checklist for Moving to a New State

4 Perks Of Hiring Professional Movers

by Lester Herrera

Is your arthritis interfering with your ability to pack up and move to a new house? If you have had a hard time finding someone to assist you with the task of moving, the services of a professional moving company might be the best way to resolve the problem. You can count of professionals to keep your belongings safe during the process, and you will have financial security in the event of an accident. Below, you will discover a list of benefits that can be enjoyed if you allow professionals to assist with your move.

1. No Worrying About a Box Truck Rental

A great perk of getting help from professional movers is that you will not have to rent a box truck. The moving company will bring a vehicle that is able to accommodate your belongings. For instance, there are moving companies with semi-trailer trucks that can be used when a large quantity of items are in need of being transported. When there is no need for a box truck rental, it means that you will also not have to spend money on gas.

2. You Don't Have to Help with Packing

You will find relief with help from professional movers, as you will not be required to lift a finger and have to suffer arthritis pain. You can let the movers complete the entire task of packing boxes and loading them onto a truck. It might also not be necessary for you to even be at home as the movers are packing your house up. However, different companies will have their own policies, so check in advance.

3. Supplies Can Be Provided On Your Behalf

All of the supplies that are needed to make your move successful can be provided by a moving company. If you pay for the movers to do your packing, the supplies will likely automatically be included. In some case, you would have to pay an extra fee for moving supplies, but it depends on which company is chosen for the job.

4. Insurance is Available to Cover Accidents

When you are dealing with a professional moving company, it is common to have insurance coverage available. Any accidents that happen while the movers are assisting can be reimbursed by filing a claim. You might be able to pay an extra fee if you want more extensive coverage, such as if you want the full value of any items broken. Get packed up and moved as soon as possible by reserving a date for professional movers to help you out.